Charlize Theron's obsessive-compulsive disorder (Ocd) is so bad she has to check every closet and drawer in a new house before she can move in.
The Monster beauty is open about suffering from the anxiety-based condition, and can't function properly if her house is not clean and tidy.
But the star admits her Ocd gets worse when she's on location and is renting a new home - because she has to check over every storage space.
She tells CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, "I suffer from a bit of Ocd. I'm a bit compulsive. I have a thing about things that are hidden, I have a hard time. Especially if I'm renting a house and I'm working on a film, I have to know what's in all the closets.
"This is so pathetic... The first thing I do, I inspect every closet and drawer and then I have... to put things where I think they belong in a room so that I can get access to them. This is so bad, so pathetic, I'm single, I need to find a man!"