Charlize Theron was left spooked on the set of new movie MONSTER when she discovered her real-life character's favourite places are haunted by her ghost.

Murderess AILEEN WUORNOS was executed in October 2002, while Theron was shooting the biopic - and the actress claims cast and crew on Monster frequently crossed paths with the spirit of the prostitute-turned-man-killer.

She says, "When we did our location scouting at Aileen's hangouts, like THE LAST RESORT BAR, everywhere we went people would tell us some of the most frightening stories about her ghost.

"It would do things like turn off lights, throw a bunch of knives into a wall.

"At another bar, on the day the people there were watching and announcement of the execution on the news, they said a vase just went flying off the bar counter and shattered everywhere."

05/01/2004 18:35