Actress Charlize Theron sobbed under a blanket after her mother shot her drunk dad dead, it has emerged. The Monster star, 32, has always refused to talk about the incident 16 years ago (91), but a new book in her native South Africa has unearthed a number of witness statements to local police. In her statement, Theron told officers, "Someone hammered on the kitchen door. I told my mom that it was my dad. My father said he would shoot us both dead with his shotgun. "My mom said she was afraid he would kill us. The next moment I heard a number of shots. Then I heard her screaming. "When I went into the passage, I saw my father's brother standing. My mom was sitting in a corner of the bedroom. "My mother wept and said, 'Charlize, I've shot them'. Then I saw the body of my father." Charles' brother Danie was wounded in the hand. His sister Elsa Malan tells the book's author Chris Karsten she later found Charlize under a blanket and alcoholic Charles dying. Theron's mother Gerda was never prosecuted over the shooting.