Despite a general feeling that the project would under-perform at the box office, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN proved to be fairer than any of its contemporaries as it topped the box office this week, raking in an impressive $56.3 million with it.
The overall take from the weekend is an impressive $20 million higher than expected, despite the fact the Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart led film has received a lukewarm reception from critics thus far.
One of the main reserves from bosses at movie- maker Universal was over the marketability of the film towards young men, who typically make up most of the action crowd. With two female leads and a story that would be unlikely to feature any Schwarzeneggers or Stathams, the film overcame the odds with an admirable gender division - attracting an almost even audience, with female fans making up 53 percent of viewers.
The fairytale adaption knocked previous leader at the box office Men in Black 3 into second-place, although the Will Smith staring time travel adventure is still performing well at the box office thus far. Unsurprisingly, taking third place was the superhero epic Avengers Assemble, which has overtaken The Dark Knight as the third highest grossing movie of all time, sitting behind Titanic and Avatar.