Charlize Theron had to explain herself to California police on Thursday (13Nov14) after a female hiker called authorities amid concerns for the actress' screaming son.

The Oscar winner was enjoying a sunrise picnic outing with her boyfriend Sean Penn and her little boy Jackson at Vasquez Rocks in Santa Clarita, where the onlooker saw the two year old in a screaming fit.

The stranger began filming the episode as she approached the kid, only to be confronted by Theron, who asked her not to go near Jackson.

The hiker left and called the cops to report the incident, amid fears for the boy's well-being, prompting officers to pay Theron and Penn a visit.

However, the police subsequently determined young Jackson was not being mistreated after Theron explained she had just placed him on a time out for behaving badly, according to

No further action will be taken against Theron.