OSCAR winner Charlize Theron's estranged uncle has come forward with his side of the story about the night the actress' mum shot her father dead.

DANIE (corr) THERON has opened his heart to America's GLOBE tabloid, claiming his actress niece and her mother GERDE haven't been completely honest about the night they fought off his drunk brother by shooting him.

Danie states CHARLES THERON went wild because he thought his wife was having an affair, but Gerde went too far when they had their final showdown in South Africa in June, 1991.

He tells Globe, "As soon as he went inside (the home), I heard shots, so I ran in. I froze as I saw Gerde standing in the bedroom doorway pointing a gun at me. Without warning, she fired.

"I was in complete shock. I had raised my hands to cover my face and the bullet went through two fingers of my left hand. "I was filled with fear. I dared not move. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gerde standing over me."

Gerde walked away from the scene, but only after she'd fired a fourth bullet into her dead husband's back, according to Danie.

18/03/2004 08:59