Charlize Theron walked out of 'Iron Man 2'.

The Oscar-winning actress went to Los Angeles' Arclight Theater to catch a showing of the Robert Downey Jr. movie with a male friend, but left before the film had finished.

Charlize - who was recently spotted kissing actor Keanu Reeves on a night out - ate an ice cream during the movie and sat towards the back of the screen, but walked out half way through the action adventure.

Recently, the South African star admitted she doesn't like sharing intimate details about her life thanks to lessons learnt from her mother.

She said: "There are little things that I want to hang on to for myself. I really do believe you can make certain choices in your life that give you the life you really do like.

"There are certain things in my life that I hold on to very sacredly. Maybe it was the way I was raised. My mom used to always say, 'There's certain things that are yours and you don't share that.' "