Look out for a new celebrity couple on the horizon – the latest pair to spark dating rumours have been Sean Penn and Charlize Theron. The Hollywood heavyweights apparently spent the holidays together in Hawaii this year, before jetting back to LA on New Year’s Day. Since then, the two have reportedly been enjoying each other’s company on several occasions, although the paps haven’t been nosy enough to catch them being all lovey-dovey.

Sean Penn, The Long Run For Haiti
Sean Penn has been known as something of a ladies man around town, but maybe those days are over.

And because we live in an age where anybody can stalk whomever they like, apparently “Twitter sightings” have placed the couple somewhere in the Waikiki area of Oahu, and on Dec. 30, the duo was photographed relaxing on the beach with another unnamed friend, E!News reports.

Charlize Theron
The gorgeous South African actress can be trusted to hold down a man...

Keep your shorts on, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Theron (38) and Penn (53) are dating, although other sightings since their return to LA do point to some unsuccessful attempts at a stealthy coverup. Again according to E!, the two were seen together on several occasions, including once leaving Theron’s Hollywood Hills, Calif., home around 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 2. They did leave in separate vehicles though, which may have just been for convenience. So is there a new celebrity romance brewing? Like with most things Hollywood, the publicists are bound to have the final word. 

Penn has been married twice before and has two children, while Theron only has one son, whos adoption was announced in 2012.

Charlize Theron
...If there is any truth to the rumours, that is.