Charlize Theron has been designated a United Nations (UN) messenger of peace by the world body's secretary general Ban Ki-moon.

The role will involve the actress making visits to country's with poor records of women's rights and will see her promoting efforts to end violence against women.

The Oscar-winning actress has already been officially inducted into the position and will join other celebrities such as the princess of Jordan and Hollywood stars George Clooney and Michael Dougals in promoting the UN's goals.

A spokesperson for the international organisation said: "The actor [Theron] has been recognised for her work focusing attention and mobilising efforts on social issues, particularly in her native South Africa, where she has the Africa Outreach Project, which provides funding for a mobile health and computer clinic that visits high schools in rural communities affected by HIV/Aids."

There are currently nine other serving messengers of peace with ambassadors highlighting issues such as disarmament and peace and security, the environment, human rights and the Holocaust, youth, millennium development goals and youth.

Other issues promoted by ambassadors include intercultural dialogue, peacekeeping, peace and tolerance and the millennium development goals and hunger.

15/11/2008 10:59:14