Charlize Theron received nine copies of baby book 'Go the F**k to Sleep' when she became a mother.

The Oscar-winning actress - who is famed for her love of swearing - adopted infant son Jackson in March and as a joke nine of her pals each bought her the novel, which is described as a ''children's book for adults''.

Her pals thought the kids parody book would be totally appropriate for Charlize and the blonde beauty definitely saw the funny side, National Enquirer magazine reports.

The book examines the angst involved in getting babies to go to sleep after spending hours trying to soothe them.

Charlize loves using rude words and her former 'Young Adult' co-star Elizabeth Reaser recently revealed how she likes to swear often.

She said: ''Once you get passed how insanely stunning she is, you see that she's just very normal, cool and unpretentious, She's also very potty-mouthed. I mean no more than anyone else, but she's just so open about it. Everyone else I know says, '[expletive]' and '[expletive]' every other word, but she is just so unabashedly herself.''