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Theron Fights Back Tears On Medical Trip Back Home

11th March 2008

Oscar winner CHARLIZE THERON fought back tears during a recent trip home to South Africa when she saw the mobile AIDS testing and counselling clinic her cash had created. Theron teamed up with Oprah Winfrey's...

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The Things They Say 7466

2nd March 2008

"I love when the man of my dreams says, 'I love you.' There you go. I'm a sucker. I'm a loser." CHARLIZE THERON admits to being a romantic.

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Theron Praises Paparazzi

28th February 2008

Hollywood actress CHARLIZE THERON has a high opinion of paparazzi photographers - insisting she prefers their candid snaps to glossy magazine photoshoots. The South African star refuses to condone the "tactics" used by many snappers...

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Fascinating Fact 4893

24th February 2008

CHARLIZE THERON won $250,000 (GBP125,000) in a charity dominoes match organised by SALMA HAYEK on Thursday night (21Feb08). The Oscar winner beat DEMI MOORE, ASHTON KUTCHER and KATE HUDSON, among others to become the event's...

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Theron Attacks Tabloid Press

18th February 2008

CHARLIZE THERON refuses to bow to the pressure of the tabloid press - insisting journalists are out to ruin her career. The Monster star accuses the media of trying to influence her decisions and condemns...

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Theron Shuns Academy Awards

17th February 2008

Actress CHARLIZE THERON is shunning red carpet glamour at this year's (08) Oscars ceremony - in favour of her pyjamas. The 32-year-old - who won a Best Actress Academy Award in 2004 for Monster -...

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Theron Accepts Hasty Pudding Honour Dressed As Elephant

9th February 2008

CHARLIZE THERON dressed up as an elephant and wooed a stranger when she collected her Woman Of The Year award from Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatrical Society on Friday (08Feb08). The Oscar winner also danced...

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The Things They Say 6920

25th January 2008

"I'm a farm girl from Africa. I don't need shoes. I'm very happy barefoot and dirty." CHARLIZE THERON is proud of her rural roots

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Caine's Advice To Theron

25th January 2008

Veteran actor SIR MICHAEL CAINE has given Hollywood actress CHARLIZE THERON advice about making movies - she must not allow her serious roles to bring her down. The Monster star is known for choosing gritty...

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Hasty Puddings For Theron + Walken

25th January 2008

CHARLIZE THERON and CHRISTOPHER WALKEN are heading to Harvard to collect this year's (08) Woman and Man Of The Year honours from the university's Hasty Pudding Theatrical Society. During the annual Hasty Pudding awards, two...

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Theron Loves Working With Smith

23rd January 2008

Hollywood actress CHARLIZE THERON is desperate to work with rapper-turned-actor WILL SMITH again - even though the pair have only recently finished filming together. The South African actress stars as Smith's wife in Hancock -...

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Theron Confused By Geography

20th January 2008

Actress CHARLIZE THERON was left red-faced after embarrassing herself by confusing two major world cities. The Monster star was discussing her voyage through Turkey toward the Istanbul International Film Festival with boyfriend actor Stuart Townsend,...

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Theron To Play Mortensen's Wife In New Cannibal Road Movie

16th January 2008

CHARLIZE THERON is to play LORD OF THE RINGS star VIGGO MORTENSEN's wife in the latest movie adaptation of cult writer CORMAC MCCARTHY's bestselling work. Studio bosses at Dimension Films have won the rights to...

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Charlize And Viggo Hit The Road

15th January 2008

Charlize Theron has signed to join Viggo Mortensen in the cinematic adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road.The Monster star is likely to be "mostly" seen in flashback, according to Variety, with shooting set to begin...

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Theron Credits Smoking For Success

14th January 2008

Actress CHARLIZE THERON credits her smoking habit with her Hollywood success. The Monster star, 32, admits cigarettes are "filthy", but claims the unhealthy practice inadvertently landed her a role In The Valley Of Elah. She...

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The Things They Say 6760

13th January 2008

"I know everybody is going to say that I'm biased because I sleep with the guy, but I would be saying this even if he wasn't my boyfriend. It's a very good film and he's...

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Theron Joins Gym For The First Time

7th January 2008

Oscar winner CHARLIZE THERON has vowed to stay in shape - and has joined a gym for the first time ever. The 32-year-old star - a former model - insists she's never felt the need...

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Theron's Grandma Hopes For Reunion With Star

7th January 2008

CHARLIZE THERON's ailing grandmother has issued an emotional plea to the actress to get in touch with her father's side of the family - because it is her biggest regret. Theron, a native of South...

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Theron Sought Refuge As Mum Killed Her Dad

18th December 2007

Actress CHARLIZE THERON sobbed under a blanket after her mother shot her drunk dad dead, it has emerged. The Monster star, 32, has always refused to talk about the incident 16 years ago (91), but...

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The Things They Say 6507

13th December 2007

"I'd love to have an affair with ANGELINA JOLIE and there are other beautiful girls I like too, including CHARLIZE THERON, KATE BECKINSALE and JESSICA ALBA." HEROES star HAYDEN PANETTIERE on her lesbian crushes.

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Jolie Tops 100 Sexiest List

6th December 2007

Angelina Jolie has been named the sexiest movie star ever in a new vote carried out by Tomb Raider star defeated V For Vendetta actress Natalie Portman to take the number one spot -...

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Basinger And Theron To Play Mother And Daughter

21st October 2007

KIM BASINGER is set to play the on-screen mother of CHARLIZE THERON in new film THE BURNING PLAIN. The film will be the directional debut of Babel screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga and shooting will begin in...

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Theron Hates The Air Brush

16th October 2007

Hollywood beauty CHARLIZE THERON fears magazine editors after giving women an unrealistic view of beauty by distorting images of celebrities. The Monster actress, 32, credits the result of her glamorous magazine shoots to a dedicated...

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Theron Is The Sexiest Woman In The World

10th October 2007

Hollywood star CHARLIZE THERON has been named the Sexiest Woman Alive by a new poll. The 32-year-old South African beat off hot competition from fellow screen beauties Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie to...

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Harrelson Sneaks A French Kiss From Theron As Boyfriend Watches

24th September 2007

CHARLIZE THERON has praised WOODY HARRELSON's bravery - after he French kissed the Oscar winner in front of her boyfriend. The pair were filming Stuart Townsend's new movie Battle In Seattle when Harrelson decided to...

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Theron Impressed With Boyfriend's Screenplay Efforts

24th September 2007

CHARLIZE THERON has heaped praise on her "incredible" boyfriend STUART TOWNSEND after watching him toil over his first movie script. The Oscar-winning actress reveals Townsend wrote the screenplay for Battle in Seattle at the home...

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Theron Considers Career In Politics

21st September 2007

Oscar winner CHARLIZE THERON is considering a career in politics after taking an interest in the U.S presidential elections. The Monster star credits her South African upbringing to her interest in politics, which taught her...

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Theron 'Weds' Townsend

13th September 2007

Hollywood sweethearts CHARLIZE THERON and STUART TOWNSHEND have declared themselves "married", despite never making the union official in a ceremony. The couple showed off their 'wedding' rings at the premiere of Townsend's directorial debut, Battle...

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Theron + Smith's On-set Row Causes Concern

13th September 2007

CHARLIZE THERON and WILL SMITH literally stopped traffic in Hollywood on Tuesday (11Sep07) when they filmed an argument in the street. The movies stars sent gossip columnists into overdrive when they were spotted screaming at...

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Smith + Theron Shut Down Hollywood

10th September 2007

WILL SMITH and CHARLIZE THERON's new action film continues to wreak havoc on Los Angeles traffic after taking over a block of Hollywood Boulevard. After causing major traffic disruption late last month (Aug07) when producers...

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