Actor Charlie Sheen has challenged his estranged wife to a drug-test dual in a bid to prove he's the better parent to look after the couple's twin sons.
Brooke Mueller obtained an emergency restraining order to keep the actor away from her and their kids late on Tuesday (01Mar11) - and the children were removed from his care.
Sheen has since taken to TV to plead with his soon-to-be ex to let him know where little Bob and Max are - and work out their differences.
But now he's challenging her to prove she's a better parent than he is, as the actor continues at-home rehab treatment after a wild party got out of control in January (11) and ended with Sheen being hospitalised for an apparent hernia.
The Wall Street star has passed four drugs tests in four days - and invited website to film his latest, stating, "I'll match her test for test - I have nothing to hide."
Sheen insists his estranged wife, who has allegedly battled her own substance abuse problems, is not as "clean" as he is.
Meanwhile, Judge Hank M. Goldberg has stripped Sheen of his custody and issued a restraining order that prohibits the actor from having any contact with Mueller or coming within 100 yards of her or the kids. The ban was put in place after Mueller claimed, in legal papers, that he had been abusive towards her and once threatened to cut off her head.
Filmed handing over the boys late on Tuesday night, a defiant Sheen told, "My sons are fine... My path is now clear... Defeat is not an option!"