After a highly-publicised departure from Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen is set to return to prime time TV with a new sitcom entitled Anger Management. The show will be loosely based on the Adam Sandler / Jack Nicholson film of 2003.
According to The Huffington Post, 'Anger' will centre around the character of a counsellor and his two groups of patients -one of which is a group of prison inmates. Explaining his motivation to return to TV, Sheen stated "I just didn't want [Two and a Half Men] to be my television legacy. I wanted to do something that ended better". Sheen and CBS (the network behind Two and a Half Men) parted ways when his drug dependency and erratic behavior disrupted his ability to work on the show. He was replaced by Ashton Kutcher. The rest of the cast for Anger Management has yet to be decided, but the show's spokesman Bruce Helford is reported as saying that "Everyone in the world calls to say they want to do that show" and added that Roseanne Barr's long-running (but now defunct) sitcom Roseanne was the inspiration for the tone of Anger Management.
Whether or not the show's producers will be able to attract any A-list star remains to be seen. With a volatile public persona that has yet to settle, established stars may be wary of committing to a contract working with the controversial actor. However, one thing Charlie Sheen does attract is attention and with the show's longevity dependent on ratings, curious onlookers could well secure Anger Management a long run.