Actor Charlie Sheen will never forget the shame he felt after losing his virginity at 15 to a Las Vegas hooker - because he used his father's credit card to purchase her sexual services.
The Wall Street star doesn't regret the act itself, but he felt terrible when his dad, Martin Sheen, discovered the payment on his bill.
He tells Playboy magazine, "I'm watching TV in our living room, and he's in his office 20 feet away... All of a sudden a piece of paper falls in front of me... It's his Visa bill. There's one thing circled, and it's $350. There's an arrow pointing to it and three words: 'What is this?'
"He had gone back into my bedroom and was just waiting for me... That was a long walk... I was like a defence attorney going to trial against video evidence."
But Sheen admits his dad was fair and simply wanted to make sure his son realised that sex with a hooker wasn't real love: "I was like, 'Really? You should have seen her.'"