Charlie Sheen's porn star friend Kacey Jordan claims he was drinking and smoking huge amounts of cocaine before he was hospitalised.

The 'Two And A Half Men' actor was rushed to a medical facility in California yesterday (27.01.11) with severe abdominal pains after a Wild Party which saw him go on a 36-hour drink-and-drug binge.

Kacey was at the party and explained how he drunk nearly neat vodka, smoked cocaine and watched porn with her.

She told website "I poured myself, like, an all vodka drink, with just, like, a splash. And he grabs it from my hand - I love the guy, right - grabs it and, like, chugs it in, like, three seconds and he's like, 'Don't ever test me again.'

"Everyone was like, 'Don't make him another drink.' "

Describing what happened next, she said: "Eventually it was that time of that night where everyone was too drunk, then there was the phone call for the drugs. Some guy came over with, I think it was Gucci, a Satchel. Nice guy, sits at the kitchen table, dumps out like five eightballs, huge, the size of my fist. We're talking like 20 grams of coke.

"He [Charlie] has this green pipe, he took a huge chunk, then shoved it right into the pipe, then he was like, smoking the coke."

When asked if they did anything else at the party, Kacey added: "We watched porn. We sat there for like two hours and - because I do porn - I'm like, 'I know how that is, I know who that is!' He has so much porn I think that's all he does, just probably sit there and watch porn!

"He just had his little green pipe with him and he just kept hitting it."

Initial rumours that Charlie had collapsed as the result of a drugs overdose or that had gone into a coma were confirmed as false by doctors, who have since revealed he has a hernia in his stomach.

The condition causes acid and food to back up into the oesophagus, which can cause horrendous pain, and could mean the star has to undergo surgery in the next few days.

Speaking to reporters from his hospital bed, Charlie confirmed he is feeling better, however, saying: "I'm not dying."

His father Martin Sheen and mother Janet are believed to be at the hospital with him.