It's been an interesting year to say the least for former 'Two And A Half Men' actor Charlie Sheen. Substance abuse, spewing tiger blood and wild-eyed claims that he was "winning" finally seem to be fading into the star's past though, as on a new interview on US talk show 'Today' a mellower Sheen answered presenter Matt Lauer's questions on his past episodes and the show that he was consequently axed from.

Sheen admitted that initially he found it hard to reconcile not going back on the hit US TV series, saying "I thought for sure that, 'oh they can't do this without me, I mean come on, you know the show's about this guy ... they create a show about a guy who was a partier, that guy starts partying and gets fired. It's like, make up your minds, people."

Now though he seems to have gotten over it, and put it down as a "crazy chapter," stating that "I was this guy before it and I can be this guy after it." MSNBC reports that the 46 year-old is to appear on Comedy Central's 'Roast' this coming Monday (19/9) in a direct clash with old show 'Two And A Half Men,' which has now seen Ashton Kutcher replace him.

Calling the roast "biting," Sheen will be tuning in instead to see how his replacement fares, saying "I'm really curious about what happened to me . I look at it as what I left behind for them to continue, and how they're going to figure all that out. So really, my hat's off to them, if they can pull it off."