Charlie Sheen is an interesting character, having gone from being the highest paid actor in television, to devolving in a drug addled state and being sacked from the show. Nevertheless, he's still bi-winning, and having received a reported $250k paycheck from his role in the new Scary Movie movie, he's given all that money away, reports TMZ.

Sheen was only on set for one day despite the enormous pay check, which is perhaps why he feels its okay to give it away. That and his already very healthy bank balance. While that money could all do some good across the world, over a third of it has gone to Lindsay Lohan. She's introuble with the IRS owing a reported $233,904! However, while she and Sheen worked together on Scary Movie 5 he offered to help her out. Although she politely declined, being a complete gent he sent a cheque to her manager which was swiftly put into the tax debt pot. 

Apparently, the rest of the $250k is being split between three charities chosen by the staff on the set of the movie. Hopefully LiLo's two major film roles this year (Liz&Dick which opened to terrible reviews, and Bret Easton Ellis' The Canyons) will enable her to pay off the rest of that pesky tax bill. We'd like to think she's learnt a lesson, but having been caught speeding numerous times, we figure tenth time's a charm.