After taking a brief time-out, Charlie Sheen has been speaking about an incident at the Staples Center on Wednesday (June 6, 2012) in which he was banned from re-entering the arena after a cigarette break. Sheen was caught on camera exploding at a female member of the security staff who had refused him re-entry.
In a video posted on, Sheen was shown getting irate with the Staples Center staffer, though she also confirmed she had sworn at the actor. Speaking to Usa Today, the former 'Two and a Half Men' star explained, "That lady was so frickin' rude to me and she spoke to me like a child..And I should have just said, 'Hey, man. Have a nice day.' And walked away". He claimed an earlier incident - in which he didn't get the hockey tickets that he had purchased for himself and friends - didn't help his mood, adding, "I've got to either not go to a place like that where I'm going to be a victim to my own short fuse or just go knowing that, hey, if there's things that get in the way of what I see as a perfect night, just let it flow. Stop being a baby". That said, Sheen asserted, ".I'm never going to a hockey game again as long as I'm alive".
Sheen stars in his new sitcom 'Anger Management', which premieres on FX on June 28, 2012. If ratings reach expectations, the network is obligated to order 20 episodes of the show, which could reportedly land Sheen $200 million.