Charlie Sheen might've been trying to get in touch with Justin Bieber, but owing to a social networking blunder he found himself receiving a barrage of calls and texts from anyone but the 17 year-old superstar as the formerly disgraced actor accidentally made his personal mobile phone number available on microblogging site Twitter.
UK newspaper The Sun reports that Sheen has ultimately had to replace his mobile phone number, though the star gamely responded initially to his error. Sheen had been trying to send Bieber a private message but mistakenly posted it on his public Twitter feed to his five million users and, while eating in a Los Angeles restaurant, started receiving a flurry of texts and calls. "Charlie's phone immediately went into meltdown. "It was ringing wildly and he got 1,800 text messages in minutes" a source told the newspaper; Sheen however initially saw the funny side, answering some of the calls with his trademark catchphrase "winning". "His phone just continued ringing and buzzing and eventually just completely melted down," furthered the source, adding "Charlie was, like, 'I guess I need a new phone'."
Sheen, who endured a host of well-publicised abuse and mental problems last year, was reportedly well-behaved during the meal, not touching a drop of alcohol and putting a cigarette away when the restaurant's manager told him he couldn't smoke inside. As for his new number? He's clearly keeping that extra secret. "I haven't been able to get through to him on the phone since Wednesday," said a spokesman for the actor.