Charlie Hunnam wants to take some time off work so he can sort out his life.

The 'Sons of Anarchy' star - who dropped out of the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie - would like to take a career break so he can spend some quality time with his girlfriend, jewellery designer Morgana McNelis.

He is quoted by Us Weekly magazine as saying: ''I'd like to sort my life out a bit. I want to continue working hard, but I'd love to sleep, hang out with my girlfriend and cook!''

Discussing his decision to back out of playing Christian Grey in the upcoming erotic thriller, he said: ''I fell in love with the character Christian Grey, but we were late with the taping of 'Sons of Anarchy,' and I looked at the schedule. I'd finish 'Sons...' at 11 on a Friday, get on a plane Saturday and start shooting 'Grey' Monday. Then I was going to wrap and start shooting another movie. I said, 'I can't.' ''

Charlie, 34, says it will be a very ''bitter-sweet'' moment when TV show 'Sons of Anarchy' - which follows a motorcycle club - finally wraps and he hopes to take a few souvenirs from the set.

He said: ''I want my jacket and my rings. I would love my bike, but that might be asking too much.''