Charlie Hunnam is set to star in 'Triple Nine'.

The 'Pacific Rim' actor is attached to the lead role in the John Hillcoat-directed crime thriller, while Oscar-winning stars Christoph Waltz and Cate Blanchett are also in talks to join the cast, according to

The title 'Triple Nine' refers to an American police code indicating that a police officer needs immediate assistance.

The plot follows a group of thieves who plan to kill a young LAPD officer (Hunnam) to divert the police away from a heist they're conducting across town.

Hunnam will play the targeted officer, while Waltz is in talks to play Hunnam's uncle, who is a fellow cop investigating the criminals.

'The Hobbit' actress Blanchett is tipped to play the role of a cunning mobster's wife, who is really the one behind the heist.

Shia LaBeouf was originally attached to the lead role in the film, which would have lead to a reunion with Hillcoat, who directed him in 'Lawless'.

Production on the film is slated to begin before the end of the year.

Hunnam - who also stars in TV show 'Sons of Anarchy' - is next set to reunite with 'Pacific Rim' director Guillermo Del Toro for 'Crimson Peak'.