Charlie Hunnam went from a relatively private actor in a television series to becoming the center of a media frenzy in a very short period of time.

The British star received a large amount of negative responses when he agreed to play the lead male role in the film adaptation of '50 Shades of Grey', and it proved to be too much to handle as he dropped out of the upcoming project.

Now the search is on for his 'Christian Grey' replacement and Hunnam has finally broken his silence on the sudden departure at a charity event for the 'One Heart Source' organisation in Burbank, California, with his 'Sons of Anarchy' co-stars on Saturday (Oct 19th).

The 'Pacific Rim' star spoke exclusive to E!News and was asked how he was doing after dropping out of the erotic adaptation, "I am doing good," he said, "I am just really concentrating on work. It's been a really busy time."

The 33 year-old added, "I have had some family stuff going on so just trying to stay focused and stay positive and keep trying to do a good job at work and be with my family and stay positive."

The "family stuff" Hunnam refers to is the unfortunate death of his father back in May of this year (2013), according to the gossip site.

Hunnam is currently wrapping up season six of FX's hit television series 'Sons of Anarchy' and he revealed that he is collaborating with 'Pacific Rim' director Guillermo del Toro as soon as filming for 'SOA' finishes.

"Like I said, I've got some family stuff I have to tend to. So when I wrap the show, I am going to go to England and see my people," he said. "Then I have a film that I am doing with Guillermo [del Toro]. So I am going to go and do that and concentrate on the final seasons of Sons."

charlie hunnam
Hunnam as 'Jax Teller in 'Sons of Anarchy'

Season seven will be the last for 'Jax Teller' and his motor-cycle gang, who are "like family" according to the Newcastle native, as he says, "It's obviously going to be a really emotional time for us. We are like a family and have become very, very close and become dear friends to each other so it's going to be sad and finish up and say goodbye to everyone, but we've got like 13, maybe even a few more, episodes."

However fans of the FX show will be treated in the last series with Hunnam hinting that it will be extended, "There's rumour that we might do a couple of more episodes and do a little bit of an extended season next year, so we will see if that happens. It may or it may not. But I just want to finish that strong."

For now the former '50 Shades of Grey' lead man is looking to the future as he wants to "go on to a new chapter of life."

charlie hunnam
Hunnam revealed he will be working with Guillermo del Toro again in the future