The actor who will portray Christian Grey is Newcastle native Charlie Hunnam, born April 10th 1980. So who exactly is the 33 year old actor and will he be able to handle the task of portraying a young, handsome entrepreneur who also carries a dark, brash secret?

The British actor began his career on the television series Byker Grove in his native Newcastle in 1998 and was later cast in another television series called Queer as Folk as the love smitten Nathan Maloney. 

Many people would most likely have first being introduced to Charlie in a depiction of the life of football hooligans and their attraction to violence, Green Street (2005). He was cast alongside Elijah Wood as the leader of his football firm. The film received mixed reviews, with Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times stating "the steady diet of brutal street fighting makes it all but impossible to connect with this picture, despite whatever visceral appeal it may offer". 

Charlie also relocated to Los Angeles to enhance his profile as an actor and landed the role as Jackson 'Jax Teller in the series Sons Of Anarchy, the president of the Sons Of Anarchy motorcycle gang, he depicts a violent man who often attempts to do the correct thing but carries it out in a violent manner. 

The British actor managed to land his biggest role in Pacific Rim that was released earlier this year (12th July 2013). He plays a retired pilot who has fallen on hard times but is recalled to his duty - it follows his journey of redemption. In a recent interview with Charlie expressed his satisfaction with the film. "the Kaiju-Jaeger battles were going to be epic, and exciting, and ferocious, and all of that, but what I was really taken with was how well the human story worked.  And more so than any of that just how detailed and immersive the world that Guillermo had created was."

Hunnam may have gone under the radar, but he has had a very successful career to date, however the Brit hasn't tackled anything as complex as Christian Grey so only time will tell if casting him was the correct move.

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam is the lead male in 50 Shades Of Grey

Charlie Hunnam on the set of Sons Of Anarchy
Charlie Hunnam on the set of Sons Of Anarchy, how will he cope portraying the young and charming Christian Grey?