Charli XCX wants to be known for throwing ''the best house parties''.

The 25-year-old singer - whose full name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison - has admitted the one thing she wants to be remembered for is throwing the best bashes ''in the world''.

She told Stylist magazine: ''[I want to be known for] throwing the best, most fun house parties in the world.''

And the musician's ''happy place'' is at a party with her friends, enjoying loud music when there is no curfew.

She said: ''[My happy place is] a party, with my friends, good music and no closing time.''

Although the 'Boom Clap' hitmaker has made it known she enjoys a good get together, she has hinted she is not the best dancer, and would love nothing more than to have the ability to be a ''really incredible'' mover on the dancefloor.

She explained: ''I would love to be a really incredible dancer. I think dancing is so cool and badass. I wish now I'd learnt when I was younger.''

And the star thinks the difference between good and bad is that doing something naughty makes her feel ''even better'' than when she acts like an innocent angel.

She said: ''Doing the right thing makes you feel good. Doing the wrong thing makes you feel even better.''