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The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Clips

Brad and Janet are a young, innocent couple who find themselves stranded in a storm in the middle of nowhere. They come across an eerie castle where they decide to go and ask for a phone, but are instead greeted by some unusual looking staff, a large party of eccentrically dressed guests and a formidable host wearing women's lingerie named Dr. Frank N. Furter. He's not just any transvestite, however, Frank is a pioneering scientist who has created a human life named Rocky, but he's also the most dangerous and insane man they could've come across - prone to jealous rages and unwilling to treat anyone like anything other than his playthings. When the couple are forced to spend the night, it's all they can do to resist the seductive charms of their host, and avoid running into his sadistic servants.

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Diamonds Are Forever Review

While it's fun to wax nostalgic over Sean Connery's final appearance as James Bond (drawn out of retirement from the series for a presumably fat paycheck), it's still unfortunate that the film he appeared in is more than a little bit embarassing. Jill St. John is one of the least effective Bond girls: She's beautiful, but shrill and helpless (her scream of "Eeeeee!" during a fistfight in the film's final scene is one of Bond's noteworthy lowlights). The story is borderline moronic: Blofeld (now played by Charles Gray in his third incarnation) steals a load of diamonds in order to arm a laser-shooting satellite, to achieve, of course, world domination. How's that all work? No idea, and when we actually see his creation in orbit, it's laughable.

On the other hand, Connery is fine, as are some of the film's villains (hippie bodyguards named Bambi and Thumper), and the inimitable Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint, who, while entertaining, certainly didn't do much for Hollywood's respectful treatment of homosexuals. The Las Vegas setting (for much of the film) is unfortunately and unintentionally cheesy, as well. It's fun at times but overall one of the most hopelessly dated 007 flicks ever.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Review

Well here we are, doing the time warp again.

Celebrating 25 years of making high-schoolers giddy with its debauchery and high camp, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is back with a 25th Anniversary two-disc DVD edition, complete with deleted scenes, outtakes, interviews, and an audience participation track.

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