Jeff Bridges plays a wealthy real estate magnate tasked with evicting the employees of a local gym so he and his pals can raze the city block. This setup doesn't sound like much -- but Bob Rafelson's quirky production is difficult to resist, thanks to lively performances by Sally Field and a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Rafelson, who's lately been making films with titles like Tales of Erotica and (the latter starring himself), knows how to put the right amount of oddball perversion into his movie. Bridges and Field (she's the manager of the gym) quickly start a torrid affair, which distracts from Bridges' ability to foreclose on the property. When Arnie appears, the setting morphs into the "Mr. Universe" competition as backdrop; the final scene of bodybuilders posing to homeless people on the street is priceless and worth the cost of a rental alone.

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