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James Franco Settles Bukowski Film Suit

31st October 2014

Actor James Franco has settled a copyright suit filed against him over his plans to make a Charles Bukowski biopic.Cyril Humphris claimed Franco's project infringed the film rights to Bukowski's semi-autobiographical novel, Ham on Rye,...

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James Franco Wants Charles Bukowski Lawsuit Thrown Out

4th July 2014

James Franco has asked a judge to throw out a lawsuit over his film about legendary writer Charles Bukowski.Cyril Humphris claims Franco's biopic, titled Bukowski, is closely based on the author's semi-autobiographical novel Ham on...

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James Franco Sued Over Charles Bukowski Film Rights

25th April 2014

James Franco is at the centre of a new legal spat over his plans to make a new movie about literary legend Charles Bukowski.Cyril Humphris, who claims he owns the film rights to the author's...

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Leonardo Dicaprio: 'I Knew Charles Bukowski As A Child'

24th February 2014

LEONARDO DiCaprio met literary legend Charles Bukowski as a baby when his father befriended the writer on the mean streets of Los Angeles.Long before The Wolf of Wall Street star had Oscar dreams, he was...

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Hammond Jr. To Write Bukowski Screenplay

1st June 2007

THE STROKES rocker ALBERT HAMMOND JR. is to write a screenplay based on CHARLES BUKOWSKI's novel PULP. The guitarist has received permission from Bukowski's widow Linda to adapt the 1994 book and admits he is...

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Dillon Uncovers The Truth About Bukowski From Ex-wife

28th August 2006

Movie star MATT DILLON made sure his portrayal of his literary hero, CHARLES BUKOWSKI, was respectful by secretly meeting with the writer's ex. Dillon plays Bukowski's alter-ego, HENRY CHINASKI, in new movie FACTOTUM and, although...

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