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James Franco Settles Bukowski Film Suit

James Franco Charles Bukowski

Actor James Franco has settled a copyright suit filed against him over his plans to make a Charles Bukowski biopic.

Cyril Humphris claimed Franco's project infringed the film rights to Bukowski's semi-autobiographical novel, Ham on Rye, which he claimed to own.

Franco argued that although he was a fan of Ham on Rye, his film would not be based on the book.

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James Franco Wants Charles Bukowski Lawsuit Thrown Out

James Franco Charles Bukowski

James Franco has asked a judge to throw out a lawsuit over his film about legendary writer Charles Bukowski.

Cyril Humphris claims Franco's biopic, titled Bukowski, is closely based on the author's semi-autobiographical novel Ham on Rye, which Humphris claims he owns the film rights to.

In the suit, filed in April (14), Humphris alleges the film "borrows the novel's themes of childhood loneliness; adolescent self-consciousness; the failures, hypocrisy, and cruelty of adults; and, in an unflinching depiction, the crude interest teenage boys take in sex".

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James Franco Sued Over Charles Bukowski Film Rights

James Franco Charles Bukowski

James Franco is at the centre of a new legal spat over his plans to make a new movie about literary legend Charles Bukowski.

Cyril Humphris, who claims he owns the film rights to the author's semi-autobiographical novel Ham on Rye, insists the 127 Hours star lacks the necessary permission to make the movie and he is suing Franco in a bid to halt production.

According to his lawsuit, which was filed on Thursday (24Apr14), Humphris maintains Franco had an agreement to develop Ham on Rye, but the rights expired in 2010, and his plans to make a film about the author infringe on the former agreement.

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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'I Knew Charles Bukowski As A Child'

Leonardo Dicaprio Charles Bukowski

LEONARDO DiCaprio met literary legend Charles Bukowski as a baby when his father befriended the writer on the mean streets of Los Angeles.

Long before The Wolf of Wall Street star had Oscar dreams, he was the infant of an oddball New York couple, who came to Hollywood looking for a land of dreams, and found themselves living with hookers and junkies.

In an online Screen Actors Guild interview on Friday night (21Feb14), the movie star recalled, "I was born in (the old) Cedars Sinai (hospital), which is now the Scientology Center... on Sunset Boulevard (and) I grew up on Hollywood (Boulevard) and Western (Avenue), which is a kind of well-documented area, because it was Bukowski's safe haven, where he would roam around write. My father would carry me around in a crib and (we'd) run into Bukowski.

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Hammond Jr. To Write Bukowski Screenplay

The Strokes Albert Hammond Jr Charles Bukowski Pulp

The Strokes rocker Albert Hammond Jr. is to write a screenplay based on Charles Bukowski's novel Pulp.
The guitarist has received permission from Bukowski's widow Linda to adapt the 1994 book and admits he is already thinking about casting.
He says, "I have people in mind. I have it in my head - I could do it now."
But Hammond Jr. denies the suggestion he wants to direct the movie, although he'd like to be involved in the production.
He adds, "I wouldn't want someone to ruin my script. I don't think they'd let me direct but I'd want to be somewhere in the picture like that."

Dillon Uncovers The Truth About Bukowski From Ex-wife

Matt Dillon Charles Bukowski Henry Chinaski

Movie star Matt Dillon made sure his portrayal of his literary hero, Charles Bukowski, was respectful by secretly meeting with the writer's ex.
Dillon plays Bukowski's alter-ego, Henry Chinaski, in new movie FACTOTUM and, although he knew a lot about the writer's work, he knew little about the man.
So, against the wishes of studio bosses, Dillon tracked down Bukowski's ex-wife and chatted to her about the writer.
The actor discovered a vital fact about Bukowski that helped him play the character with class and dignity - he found out he wasn't the slob he has always been portrayed as.
Dillon reveals, "Knowing that really helped me. It helped me tap into his dignity, in the fact that he had a certain sense of order and carried himself well."

Bukowski: Born Into This Review

Poet and novelist Charles Bukowski was a howling drunk, an unapologetic womanizer, and a smoking, gambling foul-mouthed literary sensation. He haunted barrooms and horse tracks. He brawled and hired prostitutes. He hung out with celebrities and is revered by legions of readers. No doubt his life contains all the stuff of a fascinating documentary -- only Bukowski: Born into This isn't it.

For a movie about a wild man, Born into This is awfully tame. Director John Dullaghan does a commendable job of chronicling his subject's life, using Bukowski's various novels and poems as portals into his life experiences, but Dullaghan never challenges the audience to determine exactly what to make of Bukowski, either as a human or as a writer. Was he a misogynist or a sage? Is it possible to be both? What is his literary legacy? Why don't universities typically teach Bukowski? Do English professors know something the rest of us don't?

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Poetry In Motion Review

Contemporary poetry... either you love it or you hate it.

I thought I loved it, but after seeing Poetry in Motion, a documentary interviewing some 20 modern poets (not a small number of whom are singer/songwriters like Tom Waits) and featuring performance footage of them as well.

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Barfly Review

Charles Bukowski's "crazy, beer-drinkin' wrestler" comes to life in the inimitable hands of Mickey Rourke, seen here with a nearly unidentifiable Faye Dunaway as his equally rundown muse. They drink, fight, steal corn, and drink some more. And that, director Barbet Schroeder, is life. Or some imitation of it, anyway. Rourke's performance has become the stuff of legend as he appears genuinely trashed throughout shooting, yet manages to blow none of his lines. Impressive.
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