French crooner Charles Aznavour has reportedly penned a new show for Liza Minnelli to perform on Broadway.

According to Le Figaro magazine, the singer/songwriter has written a 15-song musical monologue for Minnelli as part of a new concept for the Cabaret star.

Sources claim the actress/singer is planning to hit the stage with the as-yet-untitled project next year (14).

Minnelli has often collaborated with Aznavour, perhaps most famously onstage in the concert movie and live album Aznavour & Minnelli au Palais des Congres de Paris.

She recently told all about her fondness for the French star, stating, "I have been singing his songs for so long... I saw Aznavour and I said, 'Oh, that's what I want to do - I want to make each song a movie'. It's like each song is an acting piece - it has a world of its own.

"So, I went to him and I asked him, 'Excuse me, Mr. Aznavour, may I be your protegee?' And he said, 'Yes'. He had seen me and he knew who I was. So, off I went to Paris and he got me a job at this great place - this small little theatre... The Olympia. (Edith) Piaf had played there."