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Serena Trailer

As the Great Depression begins to sweep across America, George Pemberton (Bradley Cooper) and Serena Shaw (Jennifer Lawrence) meet and fall in love. The whirl-wind romance soon sees the couple married, and entering into a lifelong partnership with the start of a timber empire. As Serena steadily proves herself to be more capable than any man in the company, she strongly boosts the productivity and the spirits of her husband. But soon, the house of cards crumbles to show the truth of George's hidden past, and expose the secrets he never expected Serena to find out. The Pembertons are thrown against their toughest obstacle yet - can their love truly conquer all, or is it destined to fall apart?

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Scar Tissue Trailer

Edward Jansen was a brutal serial killer who was thought to be shot dead by police twenty years ago when he was discovered at his underground hideout after raping and horrifically murdering five young girls. However, as it turns out, that murderer was not as dead as everyone thought and when a seemingly unrelated 22-year-old named Luke Denham discovers a dead body at his home, the whole ordeal is brought up again as he realises that someone is following him. It's then he meets Sam Cross; a detective hellbent on revenge after her younger sister Lucy became Jansen's last victim all those years ago and the pair set out together to discover just how much of the past is coming back to haunt them. As it turns out, history never remains buried for very long.

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Picture - Charity Wakefield - Premiere Of... Los Angeles California United States, Wednesday 19th March 2014

Charity Wakefield - Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "Divergent" At the Regency Bruin Theatre - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 19th March 2014

Charity Wakefield
Charity Wakefield
Charity Wakefield
Charity Wakefield
Charity Wakefield

Day of the Flowers Review


Despite a very wobbly screenplay, this film's decent cast and gorgeous setting make it worth a look. It may be a somewhat awkward mix of comical slapstick, political ideas and darker drama, but the characters hold our interest, and the story is tangled enough to keep us wondering how it will work itself out.

It starts in Glasgow, where the political activist Rosa (Birthistle) decides to take her father's ashes to Cuba, where he once worked as an activist himself and met his wife, who later died there. Rosa's fashion-obsessed sister Allie (Wakefield) decides to come along, as well as Rosa's sardonic pal Conway (Dick). As they travel across the Cuban countryside they have a series of misadventures and meet two local men (Acosta and Simpson) who are a little too sexy and helpful to be trusted. And Rosa is reluctant to either fall in love or rely on any man.

Rosa's prickly personality is a big problem for a film that asks us to take a trip with her. She's so abrasive that she's not easy to like, and Birthistle struggles to make her sympathetic. Thankfully, she's an engaging actor who brings out Rosa's shock at having her idealism challenged by reality. And she has terrific chemistry with Acosta and Simpson, who are superb even as they simplistically represent certain aspects of Cuban society. Wakefield's story arc is less involving, but she's a lot of fun to watch, and Dick walks off with the film in an underwritten comic-relief role.

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Picture - Charity Wakefield - Private viewing... London United Kingdom, Tuesday 19th November 2013

Charity Wakefield - Private viewing of 'Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!' exhibit at Somerset House - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 19th November 2013

Charity Wakefield
Charity Wakefield
Charity Wakefield

Picture - Charity Wakefield London, England, Sunday 20th April 2008

Charity Wakefield Sunday 20th April 2008 British Academy Television Awards (BAFTA) at the London Palladium - Arrivals London, England



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