Looking rather like a combination of The Modfather himself, Mr Paul Weller, and Frank N' Furters creation, Rocky, the South Coasts very own Chapman is somewhat of a curiosity. His look of contrived cool (He has even given credits on his new album sleeve to his hairdresser! Val@Colournation if you were that interested) does not sit comfortably with the tired, old fashioned, easy listening by numbers balladry.

'The Amplification Of Mr Ballad' is one of three albums to be released simultaneously. The other two, 'The Bare Bones Of Mr Ballad' and 'The Remix Of Mr Ballad' contain exactly the same eleven songs. They are being touted as '3 stylistically different albums'. Bare bones is as you might expect, everything in its rawest form, acoustic, no over dubs or electronic wizardry, etc. The Amplification is the songs with full production, enhancement and studio treatments whilst The Remix is what it says and intended to deliver Chapman onto the dance floor!

This is only Chapman's second solo album, a follow up to 2006's 'Unexploded Bombshell', an album that saw some success. Having been described by the BBC as 'An amazing talent' and having had some air play on Radio2, Chapman has not been without his supporters. It was they, through his MySpace page, that coined his achingly laborious nick name, Mr Ballad. That he should choose to adopt it and flout it is probably the clearest indication that his music, whilst moderately acceptable, is never going to be that great.

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