For anyone who loved the dance scenes in Magic Mike – and let’s face it, they were pretty much the only thing to love there – you’re in luck, because you’re about to get a whole lot more of them, once the film gets turned into a Broadway production.

"We are doing the Broadway version [of Magic Mike]," Tatum told Access Hollywood at the premiere of his latest film, Side Effects. Unfortunately, while the stripper-turned-actor will be heavily involved in the adaptation and production process, we won’t be seeing him shake it up onstage.

“I don't think anybody wants to see me sing," he told Access, when asked if he'll perform on Broadway."Give me some time to work on it and then maybe."

Well, that sounds like a no to us, but don’t be too disappointed, because Tatum will get to reprise his role as the hunky stripper in another way – in the upcoming sequel to the film.

"Hopefully we're gonna go to Miami and do the whole thing," he said about the filming plans. Unfortunately, it will probably be a long wait for that, considering that filming for Magic Mike 2 isn’t even underway. Right now the entire affair hangs on whether the producers of Magic Mike will be able to get the original director, Steven Soderberg, on board for another go. We certainly hope so. Well kind of, as long as they put in less talking this time – we all know where the franchise’s strengths lie and it isn’t in the dialogue.