Channing Tatum, Matthew Mcconaughey and Alex Pettyfer were no doubt paid millions of dollars for their roles in STEVEN SODERBERG's latest movie 'Magic Mike', though the Hollywood trio still bemoan the amount of hair removal they had to undergo for the stripping movie.

The film focuses on the dark side of the male stripping game, though the actors claimed that getting naked in front of a room full of crew members wasn't even the worst part. Pettyfer, 22, said, "Oh my god, I don't know how women shave", claiming it irritated his skin for weeks. Matthew and Channing opted for a chest wax, with Tatum complaining, "I don't know what movie could make me do that again", MCConuaghey agreed, "One time is enough for me". British actor Alex also had wardrobe issues and had real problems with women's clothing and underwear, saying, "I don't know how you wear a thong. It's one of the most uncomfortable things in the world". True Blood actor Joe Manganiello found the funny side of things, quipping, "Anything a man does in a thong is funny". The movie came about after Tatum revealed to director Soderberg that he had worked as a stripper before breaking into the movie business.

'Magic Mike' is the underdog at the box-office this weekend, though should push rivals 'Brave' and 'Ted' all the way.