Actor Channing Tatum is still waiting for his 21 Jump Street co-star Jonah Hill to honour a naughty bet they made two years ago about the box office success of their comedy remake.

The Magic Mike hunk previously revealed the cheeky pair had put wagers on how well the 2012 movie would do in its opening weekend at the North American box office, with Hill predicting the film would just surpass the $30 million (£18.75 million) mark.

He agreed to kiss Tatum's penis, through his boxer shorts, if the film grossed more than $35 million (£21.88 million), and he was left facing the saucy task after 21 Jump Street debuted with $36 million (£22.5 million).

However, Tatum claims the Oscar nominee has yet to make good on the bet.

He explains, "Jonah thought that it was just gonna break $30 (million) and I thought it was gonna break $35 (million). And he said, 'If it breaks $35 (million), I will kiss the tip of your d**k... (through his boxers)'.

"The real key is that I won that bet... It hasn't happened yet."

Tatum even offered Hill the chance to save himself from having to follow through with the raunchy bet by giving him the opportunity to "double down on it" by predicting the first North American box office take of their new sequel, 22 Jump Street - but Hill refused.

Hill quips, "My gambling career has come to an abrupt end."