Channing Tatum certainly doesn't leave much to the imagination in 'Magic Mike' - the much anticipated male stripper flick. The latest trailer for Steven Soderbergh's movie was released this week, but does Channing's very public display of nudity make wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum jealous?
Speaking at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball, Jenna, 31, told E! Online, "Not really.I was prepared. I knew what was coming, but I think the movie is amazing. I'm happy for people to see it. He's so good in it. I'm just so proud". Tatum worked as a male stripper before his Hollywood career, though even Jenna admits she was stunned by his moves in the forthcoming movie, saying, "I'm a dancer, I grew up as a dancer and he's an amazing dancer.But there were moments in that movie where I was like, 'I gotta give it to you-I could not have done that. That was amazing". The couple are considered to have one of the strongest celebrity marriages in Hollywood, though Jenna claims they aren't looking to start a family just yet, saying, "When it's time.Whenever it's meant to be. We're not trying at any point anytime soon".
Tatum is currently shooting another of Soderbergh's movies 'The Bitter Pill', with Rooney Mara and Jude Law. The crime-drama follows the story of a woman who turns to prescription medication as a way of handling her anxiety concerning her husband's impending release from prison.