Channing Tatum wishes he were as ''talented'' as Jonah Hill.

The 34-year-old actor is a big fan of his '22 Jump Street' co-star's work and would love to have just a fraction of his pal's abilities.

Asked which of Jonah's traits he wishes he could have, Channing said:

''I think everybody knows he's one of the smarter people in Hollywood, and more talented, so I'll take a touch of his talent any day.''

Meanwhile, Jonah, 30, is envious of the family life Channing shares with wife Jenna Dewan Tatum and their 12-month-old daughter Everly.

Asked which characteristic of Channing's he would like, Jonah told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''Good husband. [But] I haven't been lucky enough to meet that person yet.''

Jonah's remark comes after Channing claimed his co-star has a crush on his wife.

Speaking on Australia's 2Day FM radio, he joked: ''Jonah wants to be with my wife and that's not cool. We've already had this conversation a couple of times and he always gets really awkward.

''I am not going to gift him my wife, no matter what he asks and what he's going to give me for it. It's just what's not going to happen.''

Jonah replied: ''I just don't get what the big deal is!''