Channing Tatum spread a skin disease on to his wife.

The hunky actor managed to catch poison oak during an outdoors camping trip earlier this year and passed on the infection to his spouse Jenna Dewan-Tatum and their 12-month-old daughter Everly.

In an interview conducted in April, Jenna said: ''We're going to the [MTV] Movie Awards tonight, but I have to rethink my dress.

''After this I'm heading to the dermatologist because my husband decided to go camping and bring back poison oak - the perks of living with a man who loves to be outdoors!

''We're a family of poison oak at the moment. We'll be really sexy on the red carpet tonight.''

Jenna also disclosed her parenting philosophy, explaining that children should fit into their parents' lives, rather than parents trying to change their lives to revolve around their offspring.

She told DuJour magazine: ''Kids are life-transformative, but they should fit into your life.

''You don't want to feel resentful for forgetting about a whole part of yourself. It's tough learning how to balance and multitask; it's a lot of balls to juggle. That's been the biggest learning curve of this year for sure.''