Frankie Boyle's sketch show 'Tramadol Nights' has been axed by Channel 4.

The outspoken comedian had been due to work on a second series along with a chat show titled 'Frankie Boyle's Rehabilitation Programme' but channel bosses made the decision to pull the plug on both and Frankie says he is happy with the outcome.

He told MailOnline: "I was really happy with it, but you can see why they didn't want to recommission something that was getting them front-page hatred, and I was a bit relieved.

"A six-week panel show takes six weeks to make. Because I was involved from storyboard to editing, 'Tramadol' took over six months, and loads of that was late nights and six-day weeks."

The show received over 500 complaints last year when the comedian made controversial remarks about model Katie Price's disabled son Harvey and Frankie also recently mocked Madeline McCann's parents.

He has said he will use the material he had planned to air on 'Tramadol Nights' elsewhere.

He explained: "I put a couple of quite long sketch ideas for the second series into my new book. I wrote them up in a couple of days and went back and tweaked them every time I thought something was funny. It was a lot more fun than filming the f***ing things and getting them past lawyers."