Chaka Khan has insisted that her son has gotten over his drug problem, and is now living a healthy life. The soul superstar behind 'I'm Every Woman' has had custody of her granddaughter Daija since December 2011, when the child was 10. This came after her son's girlfriend at the time was unable to care for the child because of a "heavy involvement in drugs". 

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Damien Holland - Khan's son - has supposedly also had a history of substance abuse, however Khan has revealed that he is now clean. In an interview with 'Sister 2 Sister' magazine, Khan explained: "He's great. He went through some trials. But he's good. He's come out of [his drug troubles]. He's got a good girlfriend. He's happy."

The 59-year-old Khan has had help from her sister, Tammy McCrary, to raise Daija, but it has still been far from a cake-walk to raise the young child. "It's tough!" continued Khan, "It's hard to raise a child today... We try very hard... I've had to take her laptop from her before. She just earned [her cell phone] and I'm monitoring that very closely."

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Khan has gone on to explain that Daija is a "very good", and expresses an affinity with her granddaughter - partly due to their shared birthday on 23rd March. "We're born on the same day, so we're just alike" concluded Khan.