César Millán (born César Millán Favela 27.07.69)
César Millán is a Mexican American dog-trainer, best known for his television show, 'Dog Whisperer with César Millán'.

Net Worth: In 2013, Celebrity Net Worth stated that César Millán had a net worth of 25 million USD.

Childhood: Millán was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico to Felipe Millán Guillen and María Teresa Favela. His grandfather owned a farm in Sinaloa, so Millán grew up around animals. Millán demonstrated from an early age that he had a natural affinity with dogs. By the age of 21, he crossed the border to the US without a visa or a word of English. He got a job in a dog grooming shop in the US.

Career: While working as a limo driver, Millán drove for Jada Pinkett Smith and she soon discovered his talent with dogs. As well as becoming one of his first clients, she helped him get an English tutor for a year. This helped Millán develop the Dog Psychology Centre in South Los Angeles. In 2002, Millán shot to the public eye after an interview with Los Angeles Times, and was given his own television show, entitled, 'Dog Whisperer'. The show began in September 2004 on the National Geographic Channel, and became the channel's number one show during its first season. The show continued broadcasting until 2012. Millán also began his own dog training magazine in 2009, entitled 'César's Way'. In 2013, National Geographic made a documentary series about him, 'César Millan's Leader of the Pack'. They began a follow-up series, entitled 'César 911' which broadcast in 2014.

Personal Life: Millán married Ilusión Wilson in 1994, and the couple had two children. Ilusiión filed for divorce in 2010, coinciding with the death of Millán's dog, Daddy, in the same year. This led to Millán attempting to commit suicide. In January, 2013, Millán began a relationship with Jahira Dar. Millán became a permanent resident of the US in 2000 after living there for ten years. In 2009, he was granted US citizenship.

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