Celine Dion honoured the late John Lennon during an appearance on U.S. TV on Wednesday (08Dec10), singing an emotional rendition of his hit song IMAGINE.
The music legend was shot outside his New York apartment block on 8 December, 1980 and fans all over the world marked the 30th anniversary of the Beatle's death on Wednesday.
Dion made an appearance on Larry King Live and paid tribute to the late star, revealing he had a massive influence on her music.
She tells King, "What a legend. What a man. And it's so unfortunate what happened. And it's amazing because 30 years ago... he was killed. And it's amazing because... I was 12 years old when he was killed. But fortunately, through his amazing music and through my family, my brothers and sisters and my husband, I have learned his music and his words. And so I kind of grew a little later with him.
"But he's part of my life. And we were talking a lot about him today... Forty years ago he wrote an amazing, amazing song called Imagine. And we've been singing that song today in the house... He lives inside of all of us in a way... still."
Dion ended the interview with a rendition of Imagine, adding, "I knew you were going to ask me to sing. But I'm certainly glad, because I love to sing for you and for the people."