Celine Dion is inundated with offers from ''well known people'' asking to collaborate with her.

The 'My Heart Will Go On' hitmaker feels lucky that so many people want to work with her and she was spoiled for choice with material for her new album 'Loved Me Back To Life'.

She said: ''I don't trick or treat [for songs] but the good thing is that I don't have to do that. The record company can spread the word that Celine Dion is doing a new album and if you're interested, we're ready to start receiving songs, and fortunately we do receive lots of songs, not only by very well known people.

''Anyone can write a song, anyone can write words, a melody, it doesn't have to be complete, and it can be extraordinary. We receive songs from well known people.

''Sometimes it may be too raw for me or for example, the bridge is missing something or I would love that this song is produced more modern. I'm definitely being part of the team, much more than before.''

Celine is excited about her new album because she got to experiment with different vocal techniques and ways of recording.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2, she explained: ''Between not reinventing and doing the same thing over and over again, how can we find a balance? By using different words and also the balance of the sound. They really got me close to the microphone, you could hear even the cracking of the voice.

''It's not like we were looking for something new - we're trying to serve music the best we can, so if by just listening to what that song wants, that's what I try to do. Those songs wanted that intimacy and I tried to give it by doing that.''