Superstar Celine Dion has finally won the seal of approval from her 12-year-old son after impressing him by recruiting Australian singer/songwriter Sia to pen a track for her new album.

The My Heart Will Go On singer confesses Rene-Charles has never been a fan of his mother's singing, but she sparked his interest after Sia sent a song demo to their home - and the pre-teen couldn't believe his mum would be working with the woman behind Rihanna's smash hit Diamonds.

During an appearance on U.S. talk show The View, Dion explained, "He's into Eminem and Rihanna, cool people. I'm a mother, I'm not cool. So... when Sia wrote me Love Me Back To Life and sent it to me, he said, 'Sia? The real Sia? The Sia who writes for Rihanna?' He's like, 'That can't be real, they must have made a mistake with the address or something'. So I'm like, 'Now you think I'm cool, huh?'"

Dion admits she has now set her sights even higher - she wants to record a duet with Eminem so her eldest son will finally realise just how big a star the 45 year old is.

She added, "I think the day I sing with Eminem, he's gonna get it."