Video - Lindsay Lohan Arrives Outside LA Court For Car Crash Hearing

Lindsay Lohan Arrives Outside LA Court For Car Crash Hearing


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William Ludolph's picture

William Ludolph

LOL she is confident huh????? She was offered sweet deals and she turned them down. What a idiot. If i were the judge i would offer her this, All charges would be dropped hang on ms lohan im not done talking yet NO I WANT THAT DEAL but im not done talking yet i want it anyways ok so all offers are off the table except for this one. Ok ms lohan i will finish what i was about to say, that all charges would be dropped if you can (pass a drug/alcohol test going back hmmm lets say 3 months. NO NO NO i dont want that deal but ms lohan you wouldnt let me finish so this is what will happen. Plus if you pass this then you will be free as a bird and if you dont pass then you will get 3 yrs in prison for each charge cause ms lohan you have 3 charges against you. Also i will make sure that you do them 3 yrs cause i will order people that deserves to be out and you can take their place. 2 days go by and guess what she didnt pass either test. So 3 yrs it is so maybe now ms lohan you will finally get the help that you need. By the way your lawyer will serve time also for lying to me saying that you were to sick to come but instead you were out partying, Mr Heller you sir are a idiot and you will do 6 months they do have a library in prison so i suggest that you read everything youu can about criminal law. I rest my case.

1 year 7 months ago
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