Selena Gomez And Vanessa Hudgens Bring Extra Glamour To The Venice Film Festival At The 'Spring Breakers' Premiere 249309 selena-gomez-and-vanessa-hudgens-bring-extra-glamour-to-the-venice-film-festival-at-the-spring-breakers-premiere_12107 10th September 2012 14:56
Sarah Jessica Parker Chats To Elle Magazine Head Honchos At FIT Couture Council Event 79997 sarah-jessica-parker-chats-to-elle-magazine-head-honchos-at-fit-couture-council-event_12106 6th September 2012 12:21
Nicole Richie Angers Photographers At 2012 Style Awards - Part 2 54460 nicole-richie-angers-photographers-at-2012-style-awards-part-2_12105 6th September 2012 12:21
2012 Style Awards Honouree Katharine McPhee Among Arrivals On Red Carpet - Part 1 67274 2012-style-awards-honouree-katharine-mcphee-among-arrivals-on-red-carpet-part-1_12104 6th September 2012 12:21
Casually Dressed Dakota Fanning Grabs A Coffee With A Friend In Manhattan 62234 casually-dressed-dakota-fanning-grabs-a-coffee-with-a-friend-in-manhattan_12103 6th September 2012 12:21
Montel Williams Takes A Wrong Turn As He Leaves ABC Studios 57027 montel-williams-takes-a-wrong-turn-as-he-leaves-abc-studios_12102 6th September 2012 12:21
Cat Deeley Shops At Bristol Farms Grocery Store In Beverly Hills 43420 cat-deeley-shops-at-bristol-farms-grocery-store-in-beverly-hills_12101 5th September 2012 13:52
Nicole Richie Leaves Hollywood Salon In Weather-Defying Sweater And Pants 42593 nicole-richie-leaves-hollywood-salon-in-weather-defying-sweater-and-pants_12100 5th September 2012 13:52
Sam Champion Jokes With Paparazzi As He Arrives For Good Morning America 67898 sam-champion-jokes-with-paparazzi-as-he-arrives-for-good-morning-america_12099 5th September 2012 13:52
Heidi Klum Looks Stunning In Red On Her Arrival At ABC Studios 70028 heidi-klum-looks-stunning-in-red-on-her-arrival-at-abc-studios_12098 5th September 2012 13:52
Dwyane Wade Looks In High Spirits As He Arrives For David Letterman 66889 dwayne-wade-looks-in-high-spirits-as-he-arrives-for-david-letterman_12097 5th September 2012 13:52
Claire Danes Is Dressed Down As She Arrives For David Letterman 72390 claire-danes-is-dressed-down-as-she-arrives-for-david-letterman_12096 5th September 2012 13:52
Joaquin Phoenix And Philip Seymour Hoffman Arrive At The Venice Film Festival 'The Master' Premiere 60776 joaquin-phoenix-and-philip-seymour-hoffman-venice-film-festival-the-master-premiere_12095 5th September 2012 13:52
Rainbow Missile Is Planted In The Ground Outside Chick-fil-A Restaurant rainbow-missile-is-planted-in-the-ground-outside-chick-fil-a-restaurant_12094 4th September 2012 14:57
Jenna Jameson Greets Photographers And Signs Autographs On Arriving At Crazy Horse III 61216 jenna-jameson-greets-photographers-and-signs-autographs-on-arriving-at-crazy-horse-iii_12093 3rd September 2012 13:53
Jenna Jameson Shows Off Her Risque Outfit In Vegas 61216 jenna-jameson-shows-off-her-risque-outfit-in-vegas_12092 3rd September 2012 13:53
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is Escorted To Her Car At LAX 32459 rosie-huntington-whiteley-is-escorted-to-her-car-at-lax_12091 3rd September 2012 13:53
Cher Lloyd Shows Off Graffiti Jacket Design At Autograph Signing 83737 cher-lloyd-shows-off-graffiti-jacket-design-at-autograph-signing_12090 3rd September 2012 13:53
Jeffrey Dean Morgan And Natasha Calis Discuss Strange Happenings On The Set of The Possession 59503 jeffrey-dean-morgan-and-natasha-calis-discuss-strange-happenings-on-the-set-of-the-possession_12089 3rd September 2012 13:53
Interviewer Not Convinced That Ryan Lochte Looks Like Matthew McConaughey - Part 2 34657 interviewer-not-convinced-that-ryan-lochte-looks-like-matthew-mcconaughey-part-2_12088 30th August 2012 15:56
Ryan Lochte Gets Told He Looks Like Matthew McConaughey - Part 1 34657 ryan-lochte-gets-told-he-looks-like-matthew-mcconaughey-part-1_12087 30th August 2012 15:56
Lily Rose Depp Tries To Avoid Paparazzi As She Takes A Trip Out In LA With A Friend And Bodyguard lily-rose-depp-tries-to-avoid-paparazzi-as-she-takes-a-trip-out-in-la-with-a-friend-and-bodyguard_12086 29th August 2012 15:22
Leighton Meester And Penn Badgley Shoot Scenes For Gossip Girl In New York 49194 leighton-meester-and-penn-badgley-shoot-scenes-for-gossip-girl-in-new-york_12085 29th August 2012 15:22
Sharon Osbourne Calls Shouting Photographer 'Stroppy' 33369 sharon-osbourne-calls-shouting-photographer-stroppy_12084 28th August 2012 16:01
Matthew McConaughy Takes Family And Dog Out For A Stroll In New York matthew-mcconaughy-takes-family-and-dog-out-for-a-stroll-in-new-york_12082 28th August 2012 16:01
Matthew McConaughey Is Snapped Along With Mindless Behaviour At Arthur Ashe Kids Day - Part 1 55071 matthew-mcconaughey-is-snapped-along-with-mindless-behaviour-at-arthur-ashe-kids-day-part-1_12081 28th August 2012 16:01
Carly Rae Jepsen And The Wanted Pose With Large Tennis Props For Press Photos At Arthur Ashe Kids Day - Part 2 51158 carly-rae-jepsen-and-the-wanted-pose-with-large-tennis-props-for-press-photos-at-arthur-ashe-kids-day-part-2_12080 28th August 2012 16:01
Andy Roddick, Serena Williams And Roger Federer Join In The Fun At Arthur Ashe Kids Day 58143 andy-roddick-serena-williams-roger-federer-join-in-the-fun-at-arthur-ashe-kids-day_12079 28th August 2012 16:01
Audrina Patridge Shows Off Abby Kheri Clothes At MAGIC Fashion Tradeshow 58080 audrina-patridge-shows-off-abby-kheri-clothes-at-magic-fashion-tradeshow_12078 28th August 2012 16:01
Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots Scene On Wolf of Wall Street Set 68044 leonardo-dicaprio-shoots-scene-on-wolf-of-wall-street-set_12077 27th August 2012 12:04
Savannah Guthrie Ignores Excessively Loud Photographer On Today Show Plaza 3254427 savannah-guthrie-ignores-excessively-loud-photographer-on-today-show-plaza_12076 27th August 2012 12:04
Olympic Swimming Champion Ryan Lochte Disgruntles Photographer At Today Show Plaza 34657 olympic-swimming-champion-ryan-lochte-disgruntles-photographer-at-today-show-plaza_12075 27th August 2012 12:04
Anthony Kiedis From Red Hot Chili Peppers Kisses A Woman At Urth Cafe 54912 anthony-kiedis-from-red-hot-chili-peppers-kisses-a-woman-at-urth-cafe_12074 23rd August 2012 14:22
The Saturdays Take Baby Aoife Out Shopping In LA 76411 the-saturdays-take-baby-aoife-out-shopping-in-la_12073 23rd August 2012 14:22
Michelle Obama Appeals To Her Audience On President Obama's Successes Whilst Being In Office 73400 michelle-obama-appeals-to-her-audience-on-president-obamas-successes_12072 23rd August 2012 14:22
Jon Voight Makes Audience Laugh With Recollections Of When Daughter Angelina Jolie Was In High School 31410 jon-voight-makes-audience-laugh-with-recollections-of-angelina-jolie-in-high-school_12071 22nd August 2012 15:28
Rachel Zoe And Her Husband Deal With Skyler's Temper Tantrums 60142 rachel-zoe-and-her-husband-deal-with-skylers-temper-tantrums_12070 22nd August 2012 15:28
Eva Mendes And Her Dog Leave Stylist Rachel Zoe's LA Office 55689 eva-mendes-and-her-dog-leave-stylist-rachel-zoes-la-office_12069 22nd August 2012 15:28
Paris Hilton Happy To Be Home As She Arrives In LA 67926 paris-hilton-happy-to-be-home-as-she-arrives-in-la_12068 21st August 2012 17:02
Christina Hendricks Ignores Tony Scott Questions On Beverly Hills Shopping Trip 55794 christina-hendricks-ignores-tony-scott-questions-on-beverly-hills-shopping-trip_12067 21st August 2012 17:02
Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Is Interviewed In Vegas After Winning Gold At 2012 London Games 34657 olympic-swimmer-ryan-lochte-is-interviewed-in-vegas-after-winning-gold-at-2012-london-games_12066 20th August 2012 16:58
Gossip Girl Actors Shoot A Street Scene 44941 gossip-girl-actors-shoot-a-street-scene_12065 20th August 2012 16:58
Cedric The Entertainer Takes Kids To Today Show Concert 82735 cedric-the-entertainer-takes-kids-to-today-show-concert_12064 17th August 2012 14:57
Rachel Zoe Shops With Style Assistants In West Hollywood 60142 rachel-zoe-shops-with-style-assistants-in-west-hollywood_12063 17th August 2012 14:57
Tamara And Petra Ecclestone Enjoy Ice Cream With Male Friend 54671 tamara-and-petra-ecclestone-enjoy-ice-cream-with-male-friend_12062 17th August 2012 14:57
Elliott Gould Thinks Race Acceptance Is Improving In America 80298 elliott-gould-thinks-race-acceptance-is-improving-in-america_12061 17th August 2012 14:57
Candy Spelling Splashed Her Cash On A Pinball Machine For Late Husband Aaron 83741 candy-spelling-splashed-her-cash-on-a-pinball-machine-for-late-husband-aaron_12060 17th August 2012 14:57
Amy Smart Thinks Two Sprays Is Enough 34578 amy-smart-thinks-two-sprays-is-enough_12059 17th August 2012 14:57
Nicki Minaj Excites The Crowd With 'Starships' Performance 77590 nicki-minaj-excites-the-crowd-with-starships-performance_12058 16th August 2012 16:01
Nicki Minaj Excites The Crowd With 'Starships' Performance Version 2 77590 nicki-minaj-excites-the-crowd-with-starships-performance-v-2_12058 16th August 2012 16:01