Video - Magic Johnson And Larry Bird Reunite For Broadway Premier Of Biopic

Magic Johnson And Larry Bird Reunite For Broadway Premier Of Biopic


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Justin Timberlake Thanked Everyone In His Billboard Speech. EXCEPT Donald Sterling

When Justin Timberlake won the Top Artist honor at Sunday’s Billboard awards, he was very generous with his “hank you” messages. In fact, he thanked...

Trebek's 'Magic Johnson' Reaction on Jeopardy! is Priceless [Video]

Alex Trebek is a Canadian man. Alex Trebek is a sports-fan. Alex Trebek knows who Magic Johnson is, and more importantly, who Wayne Gretzky Is....

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Sean Sasser, AIDS Activist And 'Real World: San Francisco' Cast Member, Dies Aged 44

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Magic Johnson Opens Up About His Gay Son; Has No Problems With His Life Choices

For Magic Johnson, knowing his son was gay didn't cause him any discomfort, dissatisfaction or disappointment because he was proud of his middle child no...

Magic Johnson Sets An Example for All Sports By Fully Supporting His Gay Son

It’s not every day a sporting legend has the chance to fully support equality when it comes to sexuality, so when Magic Johnson’s son, E.L...

Magic Johnson Supports His Gay Son, But Why Should Anyone Be Surprised?

So Magic Johnson’s son is gay and the media might care, but Magic sure doesn’t. The basketball veteran stands firmly behind his son in every...

A Week In News: Finding Nemo Sequel, Magic Johnson's Son and Diana In Drag?

Nemo's Back! Great news this week for fans of Finding Nemo, Pixar's smash-hit animation featuring the voices of and Albert Brooks. Yep, you guessed it,...


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