There are so many oppressive contexts in which women's aesthetic beauty is continually made of prime importance across the world (each more vacuous than the last), that the Miss Universe competition is simply yet another outdated, redundant, and offensive parade.

This year's is the 61st Miss Universe Competition and judges include Cee Lo Green and Olympic gold medal winning beach volleyball player, Kerri Walsh Jennings, along with 8 others. It's an inordinately enormous event held at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas and will also feature performances from Train and Timomatic. According to Fox news, the contestants from countries all over the world have spent that past two weeks living together in Las Vegas, playing pranks on other hotel guests, taking painting lessons and being photographed. 

While women across the world are forced to compete for equal rights over their choices, careers and bodies, for women to compete with one another over their looks is offensive to all those whose freedom is compromised daily merely by being born female. Furthermore, the rules include that these women must be under the age of 27, unmarried and childless, all of which encourages ageism and of the devaluing of women once they've had children. Celebrating women and their bodies should have no restrictions, and furthermore should certainly not be in the context of a formulated competition, but on the grounds that every woman is worth celebrating.

For those who want to watch Miss Universe either out of irony or fandom, it will be broadcast on NBC at 9pm this evening.