It’s all looking reasonably rosy for CeeLo Green. We say rosy because TMZ have reported that he won’t face charges for sexual assault.

We say reasonably, though, because the same site has reported that he will, indeed, face charges for carrying ecstasy.

The original sexual abuse charge was brought about after a woman told the cops her and CeeLo had gone to a sushi place, he’d slipped her ecstasy, and she ended up totally naked in his bed, not really remembering what happened. The D.A, though, according to TMZ’s sources, will reject those charges, but will pursue charging Green with the felony of furnishing ecstasy.

So how did it get to this? Well, the woman in question claimed to have a recording of Green talking about what had allegedly happened – him slipping the drug into her drink. But, apparently he never mentioned the incident, but did reference the drug, and the D.A see that as a confession of sorts. Charges made.

Last year CeeLo’s representative’s released statement addressing allegations of sexual assault:

“Given that the matter is under investigation, we obviously cannot speak as freely as we'd like," a representative told Rolling Stone. "What we can say is that these allegations are despicable, untrue, and deeply hurtful to Cee Lo, his children and his family.”

“We are confident that when all the facts come out, it will be clear that if anyone was victimized here, it was Cee Lo. In the meantime, Cee Lo is deeply grateful for the overwhelming support he has received from his fans, his friends, and his colleagues.”

Green, who is famous for wearing some pretty ridiculous outfits, will be pretty pleased with this outcome, especially considering the likely punishment will be probation due to his first time abuser status.

CeeLo GreenCeeLo Green sporting one of his more normal getups