Earlier this week reports were leaked that Cee Lo Green was being accused of sexual battery of a girl, after drugging her. Now, allegedly the girl says she has a recording of the singer admitting to, and apologising for, the crime. 

The reports of Cee Lo Green's alleged sex and drug attack on an unnamed girl have become more and more confusing, without any clarity one way or the other. TMZ reports many different arguments between Cee Lo and his people, and the woman accusing him of the attack. They report sources that refer to the woman's 'pre-text call', which was made to entice Cee Lo to admit to the crime, and recorded with that aim. Apparently, the tape refers to the drug being MDMA (ecstasy). Of course, Cee Lo's sources refute the claims, and on Wednesday he said "Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else." 

The whole case is really rather confusing and as yet there is definitely no clear cut confusion, but with some other reports in TMZ that say the woman contacted Cee Lo's lawyers asking for money- before going to police, chances are this may end up like the recent Britney Spears/Sam Lufti case- thrown out of court (if it ever even gets there).