Five unconnected stories are shot and intercut to draw out common thematic threads in this clever, artistic exploration of peer pressure. It feels a little random and scattershot, but watching it is a deeply haunting experience.

It's late-spring in Sweden and passions are running high. Villmar (Bjorkman) has a fireworks show after dinner without taking the best safety precautions.

Teens Linnea and Sara (Cart-Lamy and Eriksson) party with their friends, even though they have no tolerance for alcohol. On a weekend away with old pals, Olle and Leif (Liljas and Edlund) find that things go a little too far. Cecilia (Milocco) wonders what to do when she sees a fellow teacher (Lundstedt) hit a student. And bus driver Henrik (Vikman) refuses to go any further until someone confesses to vandalism.

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